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Outdoor Exposure: Why invest in billboards?


Billboards are everywhere… They’re inside shopping centres, on bus shelters, on buses themselves and now they’re digital too. According to the Standard Media Index figures there was a 7.3% increase in agency spend on Outdoor during 2017 compared to 2016. With so much advertising out there, why are so many businesses choosing to advertise on billboards?


Pros & Cons of billboards

Billboards capture targeted audiences by mapping consumer behavior. Demographic breakdowns allow you to see where your target audience tends to go, so you can position your billboard appropriately. For example, a luxury brand may choose to advertise at an airport; or a fast food outlet on a busy highway.

The biggest con of billboards is that although you may get high visibility and traffic, you also have a very short time to deliver your message. And that brings us to our next point…


An example we created for Tamworth Regional Council’s Water Week campaign… buses are just big moving billboards after all!


How do you get the most out of billboard advertising?

There are three major factors:

STAND OUT – billboards need to have a clear message that can be consumed in 2-3 seconds. A creative message that causes your audience to do a double take is important. So too is making your brand big enough! If an audience can’t see your logo you’re throwing money away.

PLACE IT – make sure you’ve chosen the right location and type of billboard. Sometimes a bus wrap or small indoor billboard is more effective than a big roadside one.

SUPPORT IT – billboards don’t always work alone. Make sure you have other forms of media to back up your advertising. A billboard might pique their interest, so make sure you don’t miss an opportunity and drive it home with a solid, well-rounded marketing strategy.


If you’re thinking of billboard advertising, ask us! We’re experts at placing media and will help find the most effective location for your ad.


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