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The Digital Marketing Landscape - where do you start?



There is a lot to digital marketing: so where do you start? A successful digital marketing strategy starts with knowing, and then understanding, your digital marketing landscape.


Start with Knowledge

We all know the adage 'knowledge is power' and this is certainly true in advertising. Whether your brand or business is in its infancy, or already established, it is paramount that you have at least some presence online. But if you want to leverage digital, to drive your profits, business and brand, you’ll need to do more than just exist online. Brands that succeed in the digital world do so because they know and understand their digital landscape intimately.

There’s never been a time like the present to learn something new. Research and discover all of the websites, social media sites and apps that are relevant to your consumers, and your industry. Build connections. Ask questions. Use your digital marketing personas, to guide this process.

Try to build a visual of your digital marketing landscape, so that you can move beyond knowing, and towards understanding.


Aim for Understanding

The aim for all digital marketers, brand owners and anyone enacting any kind of marketing strategy online, should always be to understand their digital marketing landscape.

This means not only understanding, at an intricate level, the landscape itself - but also understanding each platform, and how best to utilise it to achieve the aims of the business.

Understanding also means getting into the thick of it with analytics, numbers, data and statistics. If you don’t know your data you are missing out on insights that could drive growth.

There is always something new happening in digital marketing: a new platform, a new idea, a new trend. Part of understanding the digital marketing landscape, is making an effort to stay involved and engaged with news and updates.


Where to go from here?

Digital marketing is complex and we're here to help! Why not get started with an analysis of your website? We can let you know how you're doing and how you can improve. Just click the button below:



digital marketing  marketing strategy  seo  website development  digital persona  website analysis

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