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Make your brand viral: Get free brand exposure with these tips!


photo by Martin Le-May

All businesses need paying customers and to get them your brand needs exposure.
Branding is vital in today's crowded marketplace of companies, ideas, products and services and though most of us understand visual branding with images, colours, logos, etc. few understand how important it actually is and it’s benefits.


Getting free exposure

Let’s face it, nothing is really free! Getting viral, or word of mouth exposure for your brand requires you to put the work in to create a brand that people feel loyal to. And that means working on customer experience in all aspects of your business whilst keeping customer acquisition and loyalty as a focus. The first step in this direction is taking control of your brand image by developing a strong brand identity…

"Results from a cross industry study of more than 300 business to business companies show that brand awareness significantly drives market performance."


How to build a strong brand identity

In Business to Business environments, many companies focus their branding activities on the dissemination of their brand name and logo without developing a more comprehensive brand identity. This is important but it’s not all there is to branding.
Here’s the big tip!
What a lot of businesses are missing is a branding and operational style guide. This ensures that your business will provide a consistent customer experience. Your brand identity encapsulates everything that a customer perceives about your business; from your marketing to your product and operations and this is important to include in your style guide.


Four ways building a strong brand identity can help your business

  • Building a better brand experience for customers.
  • Improving prospective customer engagement levels.
  • Helping prospective customers become loyal brand followers.
  • Engaging in a dual conversation between your past, present, and future customers


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brand identity  branding  design  Marketing Trends  strategy  style guide  viral  word of mouth  Work  exposure

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