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How we helped Kenso Agcare with their Marketing Plan


It's reaching the end of financial year and now is the best time to develop your marketing plan and spend. Last issue we touched on developing a solid marketing plan. Now we'll look at a marketing strategy that we put in place for Kenso Agcare and how it's come together.



The Plan

Kenso Agcare have been around for a while and they've done their share of marketing. They'd just built a brand new website and were looking to expand their advertising. Last year we pitched a strategy to them that would streamline their sales and develop a stronger brand presence in the marketplace.



Understanding Kenso Agcare's target market

Kenso Agcare sells agricultural chemicals and fertilisers. They don't sell direct to producers, but through resellers. With this in mind, it is important to create strong brand awareness with both resellers and producers.


Style Guide

The key to this marketing plan was looking at consistency. The first step was in creating both a branding and operational styleguide. The intention is to present the brand in a consistent manner: from the look and feel of the marketing to how employees present themselves when representing the company. These factors are essential in developing a strong brand that is memorable and instantly recognisable.


Marketing Calendar

We developed a marketing calendar for Kenso Agcare that aligned with the key agricultural periods. Making sure their advertising was placed in key buying times for both resellers and producers.


Advertising Material

We produced a range of advertising for Kenso Agcare including print ads, trade show stands and TV commercials to support their marketing campaigns. TV ads were key in terms of brand positioning whilst print ads were product oriented calls to action.


kenso3 Kenso-radicle-flyer


Sales Tools

One of the most effective way of promoting a brand to resellers is through visiting sales reps. To support them we are producing comprehensive sales tools to help them engage and educate resellers. These sales tools are designed to create a more streamlined and informative interaction with the reseller through use of audio visual content and instant online access to detailed product information.



The next step in the process for Kenso Agcare, is evaluating what worked well this year and what could be improved. We will factor this into the next financial year's marketing plan.


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advertising  design  kenso agcare  marketing  marketing calendar  marketing plan  sales tools  strategy  style guide  Work  agribusiness  case study

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