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Kensells Moments - Creating a lifetime relationship with customers

Kensells are a staple in Tamworth and have been for a very very long time: it's a family business that's been around for nearly 100 years. Their business is built on lifelong relationships with their customers in a close knit and growing community. This is a refreshing approach from a car dealership in a highly competitive industry and a great base for formulating stimulating campaign.


Buying a new car is a big moment and often marks a major life stage. We brought this to life with our "Kensells Moments" campaign. Primarily television based, this campaign is designed to pair life stages with a new car purchase and remind people of the feel good emotions behind purchasing that car. We're also leveraging Kensells existing brand loyalty by showing that Kensells is always there to help during those moments.

This type of campaign is about branding. It's aimed at bringing your business or product to mind when you're thinking about buying. On it's own it will gradually build your brand over the long term but often won't make a big impact in the short term. This is why we often couple branding campaigns with call to action ads (see a Kensells Demo Sale example below). We build momentum with the brand awareness campaign and then drive customers to your business or store with a call to action ad.

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The campaign is something Kensells can hang their hat on and it really shows Kensells' vision as a company. Rather than taking the same approach as most dealerships, they've chosen to go somewhere very different. The campaign highlights their major strength and point of difference, re-affirms to audiences that Kensells can be trusted and most importantly it stands out from every other car dealership ad in the region. 



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marketing campaign  call to action  advertising campaign  brand awareness  kensells  brand loyalty

Written by Lara Roche



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