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How to Make ALL Your Advertising Perform Better


Did you know including digital media in your marketing strategy is demonstrated to increase your ROI for other forms of advertising? Digital is unique in its ability to allow audiences to instantly contact you or purchase from you upon seeing an ad. Here are some ways you can improve your digital marketing strategy…




Developing your online presence


Don’t have a website? Haven’t added your business to Google maps or directory listings? This is digital marketing 101. Many potential customers exclusively find businesses through digital channels. If you haven’t got a strong online presence you are probably losing business without knowing it. Here are your basic requirements for an online presence:

  • Website (less than 5 years old)
  • Google Maps listing
  • Yellow pages and other directory listings - find ones relevant to your industry such as Trip Advisor for tourism


Social Media & Email Marketing


If you have a database of clients and prospects you could be maximising new business opportunities with minimal cost to you. Back up other forms of advertising with these low cost digital options. People who are following you on social media or have opted in to your email marketing are already interested in what you’re selling. Why not take advantage of a receptive audience? You can build a following on social media or your EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing – or email marketing) database by using incentives (eg. discounts for ‘members’) or simply by remembering to ask!


Digital Advertising


There are a number of options for placing online advertisements with varying associated costs:

  • Paid search (eg. Google Adwords)
  • Paid social (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Online broadcasters (Youtube, Netflix, catch-up for TV networks)
  • Display Ads (popular websites such as online magazines)

Paid advertising works very well for certain business types and for particular demographics and can be well worth the investment.


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email marketing  Digital  digital marketing  Marketing Trends  online advertising  online presence  paid social  Social Media  strategy  Tech  Business

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