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How to get great campaign results with media placement


Choosing the right type of media and then placing advertising material for the best result is not an easy task. It’s a job for strategic thinkers with a holistic view of the advertising landscape and the target audience. So what’s the best option for you when you want to book advertising?


Booking Yourself

There’s nothing stopping you from having a go at booking your own media placements. Our biggest piece of advice is not to book reactively. A solid marketing plan with an advertising strategy will be the most effective way for you to get results. Booking media placements takes skill and experience so without years of testing and study, you might see mixed results.


Booking Direct

Your local TV, radio or print media rep are options for media bookings. They have often been the first port of call for many businesses but there is a limitation to what they can deliver. Reps can only advise you in one direction… onto their service. In such a diverse advertising environment with so many options to target your audience, why limit yourself?


Booking with an Agency

We’re a little biased but we genuinely believe agencies deliver the best possible advertising results through strategic planning and the right media placements to engage your target audience. That often means putting a campaign together that delivers your message across a number of different media platforms.

For an agency like us, the ultimate goal is to provide strategy and creative that delivers a consistent and cut through message directly to your customers. We are fundamentally invested in your success, plus we place advertising across a huge range of marketing including:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Outdoor
  • Cinema
  • Print
  • Social
  • Direct Marketing
  • Phone on Hold
  • Web advertising
  • Web audio visuals
  • Brochures
  • Sponsorships
  • Transport
  • Airports
  • Banners
  • EDM


Here’s a bit of a behind the scenes on our media placements process…

1. We listen

First we spend time learning about your product, your business and your customers. We look at all the advertising opportunities that would suit your target demographic.


2. We investigate

What do they do?

Where do they ingest their information?

How do they relax?

What are they doing at different times of the day?

What type of media will allow the message to be delivered effectively?


3. We discuss

We gather our strategic thinkers and critique solutions. Certain solutions become evidently superior as they are revealed. We always refer back to the strategic plan to stay on track and focused on the objective.


4. We choose

The media planning process often reveals the best type of media to proceed with through simple process of elimination. But most of all it takes a keen eye, experience and a drive to help our client get great results. The campaign is taking shape through pinpointing the best media opportunities for the target audience to be engaged and ingest the message.


5. We book

We collaborate with media people all over to implement our plan and to ensure your Ad is placed in the best possible advertising environment. No stone is left unturned at this stage. Precision is key and we rely on strong relationships with our providers to execute our plan.


6. We follow up

Post analytics are super important for any campaign. We need to know how the decisions we made, based on IP and statistics, performed in reality.


7. We’ve been around the block a few times

Nothing is a sure thing in advertising but solid stats, numbers and experience win every time. 30+ years in advertising enables gocrossmedia to make placement decisions and forecast opportunities that that will deliver results.


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