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It's Show Time - Why advertising on cinema this month will work


The school holidays sees a big peak in cinema traffic. That means much bigger audiences for cinema advertisers. This is a great time of year to leverage the foot traffic with a very cost effective form of advertising.


Why invest in cinema?

Cinema has some great stats behind it in terms of the effectiveness of advertising:



 91% of people can recall cinema ads up to a week after viewing


100% of cinema attendees are repeat customers

This means they'll see your ad at least twice throughout the year - we know in advertising repetition is key!



Cinema goers attend films 8 times a year on average

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.


The majority of cinema goers have significant disposable incomes

Not only are you reaching your audience a number of times with high retention. You're reaching the audience you want. Those who can afford to spend with you.


Who should invest in cinema advertising?

Cinema is suited to a lot of different types of businesses but those who will benefit most are often targeting a very local market. This is very effective for local businesses selling to locals. For example, restaurants, local retail or real estate.

Advertising in multiple cinemas in areas with your target demographic can also be very effective. For example, if you want to advertise to mostly rural areas, you can advertise in a large number of rural cinemas to reach targeted audiences across a large area.


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