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Is radio advertising right for your business?


Radio should always be part of a media mix. It fills a niche that no other advertising reaches. Careful strategic thinking in placement and creative will enable your radio ads to shine and cut through the noise at the right time.


As a standalone advertising medium, radio often falls short of the mark. To understand this better we need to look at "who, what, when & how" in regards to your target audience.

It’s important to see radio as one part of your advertising campaign pie. There are so many media channels today and most advertisers see this as a disadvantage. In actual fact it is a huge opportunity to target your audience precisely and effectively. So, as a piece of that campaign pie, radio should be used for specific reasons and with a clear end goal: customer activation.

Whooop there it is...! Activation.

Effective advertising campaigns...
Tell a story.
Plant the seed.

Why does radio activate your customers? More often than not your customers are on the move when listening to the radio...

  • Breakfast - preparing for the day. Planning - active brain.
  • Driving to work or school drop off - on the go.
  • Mornings - at work or at home - in the groove.
  • Afternoons - driving home or picking up - recapping.

For activation to work effectively your advertising material needs to be placed at the right time, engaging, vibrant, memorable or simply enticing.

Is radio advertising good for your business? Yes. But like everything in life, a little bit of hard work and elbow grease will turn your advertising dollars into profit.


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advertising  audio  creative  customer activation  placement  radio  strategy  Business

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