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Why Cinema Advertising Will Work for You


Everyone loves the movies! Telling your story on the big screen, moments before the audience launches into laughter, bursts into tears or feels nail biting suspense will see your story, brand and messaged remembered as part of the journey. Here are our top 6 reasons for investing in cinema advertising...


1. High Impact

The big screen is an impressive medium to advertise your business. Your ad will look bigger and better and will be associated with big Hollywood blockbusters.


2. Get Viewstickets

Big releases get big, excited audiences. You can leverage the billions of dollars a year Hollywood spends on marketing films to draw a captive audience.



3. Captivated Audiences

Cinema goers have paid to be there so you’ll have their full, undivided attention. Plus you'll be able to advertise to your audience multiple times since cinema goers attend films 8 times a year on average. As we say in advertising, repetition, repetition repetition.



4. Sought After Demographics

68% of the population are moviegoers and span a broad demographic. In fact, the more disposable income a household has increases their likelihood of going to the cinema.


5. Target Your Audience

Cinema is an effective and affordable way to advertise your business to the local market. 



6. Impressive Recall Rates

Cinema has one of the highest recall rates of any medium. In fact, 91% of people can recall cinema ads up to a week after viewing. You also get repetition as 100% of cinema goers are repeat customers.


Think cinema might be for you?

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cinema advertising  cinema stats  high retention  advertising recall

Written by Jane Mohr



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