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Drone Photography: Changing the way we make ads



The days of waiting for film to develop are long gone and everybody seems to be okay with that. The introduction of digital photography offers convenience and the ability to take a picture anywhere we go with our smart phones. Drones are the next evolution in photography that have changed the way we create advertising.


How Did Drone Photography First Begin?

Drone photography comes in two parts: the camera and the drone itself. The first digital camera was built in 1975 by Steve Sasson: an engineer who worked for Kodak. He created a camera that weighed about 8 pounds and took about 23 seconds to record images. Our ability to mount a drone with a camera meant developing a compact camera with the ability to take high frame rate, high quality images. Drones themselves are only possible due to advancements in computing and battery technology.


Cost Effective

Businesses without big marketing budgets can now afford beautiful, cinematic photography by utilising drones. You don’t need to hire a helicopter or use a crane or dolly to create an epic fly through or interesting camera movement. Cutting down on expensive equipment is a big win for your wallet!


Best Use

Affordable? Yes! Appropriate? Not always. The best use of drones includes ads that need to capture scenery. An ad that uses only drone photography can seem distant and lack emotion or a human element. So it’s best to mix it up! Use drones to set the scene, create atmosphere then rely on more traditional forms of photography with close ups to create a connection with your audience. Check out how we use drone footage in our ad for The Byabarra.


Photography in the Future

Photography is continually evolving more and more each day. In the future eye cameras or concepts like Google Glass could be the next step. As the digital technology age rages on we should always remember one thing: capturing a moment is a great way to relive a memory or tell a story.


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tv ads  drone photography  technology  photography

Written by Barry Woodger



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