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Building Brand Momentum: Driving sales through brand awareness



In 2018, it’s simply not enough to just have a brand. To be competitive in today’s market, businesses will need to fight to be, and stay, relevant to consumers. Here's our break-down of how to do this, by building brand momentum.


Start with engagement.

With the age of digital, advertising as we know it has changed forever, and consumers are seeking authentic, contextually relevant brand experiences in more ways than ever. I say brand experiences, and not advertising, because the bar has been risen. Most consumers are operating off of multiple screens and devices, and constantly on the go. The most valuable commodity in advertising today is not the space which the ads hold, but the attention of the audience watching them.

That’s why it’s important to get the basics correct first. Understand what engagement means for your brand, business and consumers, and then gear everything that you do as a brand towards achieving this. Nobody cares what you’re saying, if you’re not saying anything relevant.


Deliver effective messages.

Most brands in the market today are trying to say too much. We live in a fast, disconnected (and connected) world and brands that want to cut-through and stay top-of-mind, will do it by keeping their purpose aligned and their communication simple. What is the one thing you want your audience to do? Start building your messaging and communications plan from there. If you achieve that one thing, it’s money and time well spent.


Stay true to your brand promise.

Know what your brand is, and what it isn’t, and behave accordingly. With online now becoming the norm, it is wise to remember that anything your brand says or does in the digital realm, can be shared and misconstrued. Before doing - ask yourself: how does this support my brand promise? How does this drive my purpose? If it doesn’t, it’s time to reconsider your approach.


Relate to your target audience.

Do you know your ‘ideal consumer’? Do you understand a day in their life? Do you know their fears, dreams, struggles? Anything you do as a brand: be it communicate, call to action or advertise, must be directed at the right people, in the right way. There has never been a time before in advertising and branding where context is so important. Consumers can sense the inauthentic and disingenuous a mile away, so understanding and relating to your target audience will prevent bad first impressions and can make your target audience into brand advocates.


Be patient. Growth and consistency is key.

Building brand momentum does not happen overnight, but by being cognisant of these watch-outs, you’ll be poised for success. Remember that growth and consistency is key, and we are always available to help.


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Written by gocrossmedia



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